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10th February, 2020

Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser

The Times Magazine

Is CrossFit star Mat Fraser the world’s fittest man?

He was an alcoholic at 17.

At 19, he broke his back.

Eleven years later, Mat Fraser has reinvented himself as a poster boy for fans of extreme sports.

Photographed in Nashville, Tennessee.



16th January, 2020

Adrian Derrick Palmer

Adrian Derrick Palmer

When the fire inside you burns brighter than the fire around you…The impossible becomes the possible…

A great day onset with Stunt Actor Adrian Palmer – love capturing the shot in camera, especially when there are very few takes.

Despite the drama of the shot, working with someone as professional as this with a no stone unturned approach, meant the fire safety officers on hand went hime unused, not even a singe of a fringe.

Filmed and Directed by Hamish Brown

12th November, 2019




Ed Sheeran’s partner in grime. The Manchester MC talks exclusively to British GQ, in conjunction with Seiko Prospex Series, about his meteoric rise in the London dominated grime scene, his loyal fan base and finding his own path to success.

Art Direction Duarte Soares & Kevin Fay

14th September, 2019

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos The Real Life of a Champion

Amazon Prime Video

Destination Madrid for one of their longest serving players, Amazon spend behind the scenes time creating a new documentary with Spanish legend Sergio Ramos.

An in-depth look into Ramos’ career for both Madrid, Spain and personally.

Released this month on Amazon Prime.

Art Direction Empire Design

1st August, 2019

Sky Sports – The Ashes

The Ashes – The Rivalry Returns

Sky Creative

One of the longest running sporting battles resumes between England and Australia this summer, starting today at the infamous Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

I photographed England and Australia’s respective team captains in Joe Root and Wicket Keeper Tim Paine.

Art Direction Simon Corkin

14th April, 2019

Joivan Wade

Joivan Wade

The Rake

Good times with British actor Joivan Wade, already making strides in Hollywood, one to watch for 2019 #doompatrol #superheroes #cyborg photographed on location in London

Fashion Director Veronica Perez

7th April, 2019

Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley

The Times Magazine

Talking about his Ultra Swim around the coast of Britain, Ross Edgley pictured here for The Times Magazine, originally shot earlier this year for Men’s Health UK.

Styled by Abena Ofei

20th November, 2018

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

Virgin Records

My longest term photographic collaboration sees me shoot the new campaign for The Chemical Brothers as they announce their new album ‘No Geography’ and their biggest UK arena tour to date.

Featuring their recent track “Free Yourself’, the long player ‘No Geography’ will be the dance duo’s ninth studio album, and set to be released in Spring 2019.

More images to follow as the album is released.

Styled by Sarah Ann Murray