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2nd September, 2018

Paapa Essiedu

Paapa Essiedu

The Times

The very talented Paapa Essiedu, photographed for The Times Magazine.

Described as the toast of British Theatre, celebrated for his roles as Hamlet and Romeo, he exudes star quality, throwing in an abundance of magnetism and charisma formulating his DNA.

Look out for Paapa in Mike Bartlett’s new BBC drama ‘Press’

Styled by Prue White

6th February, 2015

George The Poet

George The Poet

Island Records

I shot rising star George the Poet as he prepares to sell out the Scala for the send time in six months. The Cambridge educated wordsmith swapped the tower blocks of Brent’s Stonebridge Park estate for the spires of King’s College.

George released his first EP last October, The Chicken and the Egg, earning himself a spot on the BBC’s Sound of 2015 list.

12th September, 2014

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love

Tom Bateman and Lucy Briggs-Owen

The Romance of Shakespeare combined with bawdy jokes has turned the West End stage show of Shakespeare in Love into a critical smash hit.

Falling in love again, Tom Bateman and Lucy Briggs-Owen pose for the cover of ES Magazine.

Styled by Nicky Yates.